Don’t Buy It

Dear Friends,

Don’t buy it. Whatever it is, just don’t. Whether it’s some bullshit they’re feeding us, or some worthless piece of shit they’re selling us, don’t buy it. Whatever they’re philosophy is, don’t buy into it.

Okay, you may be asking, “who is this they?”What is this omniscient pronoun that this insipid ideologue keeps slinging at me? They are anyone who tells you what to think. Your democratic representatives, your pastors and rabbis, your gurus and goo-eyed yoga yokels, your favorite writers and artists, your teachers, your parents, and your friends.

Whether it’s Cutco knives or a penny’s worth of penitence, don’t buy it.

Whether it’s the rantings of the right, or the lamentations of the left, don’t buy into it.

Let’s practice:

THEY: You want this.

YOU: I won’t buy it.

THEY: This is true.

YOU: I don’t buy it.

There you have it. Advice to live and buy by. Hope this was helpful and not too preachy, dear friends.

Much Love,

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