What I Taught This Week

Ten Things I Taught Kids This Week

1. The definition of synonym and antonym

2. How to write dialogue and stage directions

3. Texas Hold ‘Em

4. Five Card Draw

5. The meaning of Empathy

6. How to fake kick someone in the gut and make it look hella real.

7. That even though the chicks call you “skinny” now, they’ll be calling you “lanky” in High School and think you’re hot, and I would have much rather been skinny in 4th grade than the chubby piece of shit I was.

8. The difference between there, their, and they’re.

9. Lee Harvey Oswald was just a patsy.

10. Don’t direct other actors. It’s totally unprofessional.

My homework assignments:

Write a 1-2 page Scene with a clear conflict and creative resolution.

Search “Zapruder Film” on YouTube.

I can’t wait ’til next week.

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