Author 337

Peace is Possible, Violence Ineivatble

Posted in Writings by author337 on January 4, 2009

Pushed hard enough, even the most peace-loving people will push back. The Hamas terror machine is not only a threat to the livelihood of both the Israeli and Palestinian people, but a powerful propaganda machine, using centuries of antisemitism as the foundation for painting the Israeli Army as a latter-day SS.


By endorsing rocket attacks on Israeli citizens, and thereby endorsing the inevitable provocation of the Israeli government, the blood of all the Palestinians murdered since the cease-fire is on Hamas’ hands as much as Israel’s. But by taking the violence out of this context, and appealing to the sympathy of the international community, Hamas seeks to deflect blame from itself—painting themselves as a subjugated people, rather than what it is: an overgrown terrorist organization masquerading as a government. But isn’t the international community to blame as well? The western powers need a nuclear foothold in the Middle East to maintain the balance of terror that keeps the world in check. Israel is the perfect—indeed the only—candidate for this dubious honor. By giving Israel a state surrounded by enemies, the international community has placed Israel in a position where they have no choice but to react violently to constant threat, lest they be overrun by their enemies.

Whatever side of the border you’re on concerning this issue, one truth is eminently clear: this violence is not the fault, or even necessarily the will of the Palestinian or Israeli people. The blame must squarely be placed on their leaders, and the inability of both sides to compromise, and look to the future for answers as opposed to looking to the past to rationalize acts of unspeakable violence towards innocent people.

The legacy of bloodshed in a land that is supposedly the kingdom of God seems to be a strong indication that such a God does not exist, or has at least forsaken its own miserable flock. But if there is indeed a God, may it protect and keep the people of Israel and Palestine.

Salaam, Shalom, Peace to us all.


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