Apple Already Lowering Price of Ipad

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In a shocking development, hardcore Mac fanboys were disturbed to find out that even though the iPad tablet computer was only released this morning, Apple is already dropping the price. This has left the many diehard Mac fans who lined up early this morning to be among the first to get their hands on the new device, extremely upset.

“This is really not the way you’re supposed to treat your most loyal customers. I was so excited about the iPad that I bought it this morning for $800, and then two hours later they dropped the price to $500. It’s totally unfair,” complained a loyal Apple customer.

PC users and other Mac haters are delighted at the development.

“Well maybe this will convince those Apple fanboys that they shouldn’t go out and buy every single little butt plug that Mac comes out with on the first day, said one iPad basher.

“They should call it the IPaid, too much becasue I’m stupid,” said another.

The head of the Anti-Apple group iPac, or Individuals Protesting Apple Crap was slated to issue an official statement on the matter, but couldn’t because his Windows-based laptop that costs more than an Ipad crashed this morning, and he spent the entire day arguing with the guys at Fry’s Electronics.

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