Author 337

Proven Strategies for Peace

Posted in Writings by author337 on December 2, 2010

The Israelite's Temple is Destroyed

Channukah, a time to celebrate how the Children of Israel overcame one of their greatest historical challenges, the destruction of their sacred temple. But perhaps this Festival of Light can provide us a moment to contemplate Israel’s greatest modern challenge, making peace with her troubled Palestinian brothers. Israel has undoubtedly remained stubborn around key points of contention in the ongoing dispute over the sovereignty of the Holy Land. However, this is NO EXCUSE for the continued refusal of the Palestinian leadership to adopt peaceful strategies towards achieving freedom.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohatama Gandhi proved you could free whole nations of people without raising a single hand in violence. It is no coincidence that Gandhi’s India is on track to become the economic powerhouse of the 21st century and King’s America elected its first black President while Arafat’s Palestine has no water for it’s children. Instead of following in the footsteps of King and Gandhi, the Palestinian leadership prefers retracing the paths of Charles Manson and Osama Bin Laden.

The international community and the American left wing are equally culpable for buying into the constant stream of garbage spewing from the Palestinian propaganda machine. Jewish boys are called Nazis and their dedication to assuring the safety of their mothers and fathers is called an “occupation.” This kind of dangerous hyperbole continually derails the peace process and stokes the fires of world antisemitism.

Jews portrayed as Nazis? Anti-Semitism isn't dead, it's simply evolved to a sickening perfection.

Europe gave the Jews Israel to prove they were not antisemitic. In reality, the international community simply handed the Jews the world’s greatest problem, and now revel in blaming the Israelis for failing to solve it. Like when Medieval Jews were forced to become bankers, then cheated by Popes and Kings to finance their Godless Crusades, and eventually marked with the stigma of being Shylocks, the World has once again given the Jews the job no one else wants to do, and then criticized them for doing it. For what purpose? To turn murderous Palestinian Jihadists who bring on the destruction of their own children and homes into heroes and martyrs.

Even Israel’s greatest ally, the United states, simply uses the Jews as political pawns. In domestic Presidential politics, support for Israel is parlayed into make or break electoral votes. That support is then converted into political collateral on the international stage to assure Israel remains the West’s last line of defense against the outbreak of total war in the middle east.

Certainly, Israel must re-evaluate its settlement protocol and make key compromises to move the peace process forward. In the meantime the Palestinians must lay down their weapons, the international community must acknowledge its continued legacy of antisemitism, and the American Left needs to stop muddying the water with it’s sickeningly uninformed rhetoric. Until these conditions are met, there will be no Palestine on any maps.


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