Alternate 1982

It’s 1982.

Lloyd Bridges sits in the White House, enjoying a screening of Airplane II.

“That Ronald Reagan,” President Bridges laughs, “who ever thought he was funny?”


Crowds throng around the Ziegfeld in New York.

Bruce Lee is in town for the 10-year anniversary of Game of Death.

He gleams like a god. He is invincible.


It’s Magic Hour in Hollywood.

Tom Selleck reads the script for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Death.

Tom Selleck as Indiana Jones

Star Trek: Phase II is renewed for another season. Fans rejoice.


Jack Paar interviews Orson Welles on the Tonight Show.

It’s the 40th anniversary of his first film, War of the Worlds.

Welles, trim and handsome as ever, has the audience eating out of his hands.


Half way across the world, principal photography begins on Octopussy and the Living Daylights, George Lazenby’s 7th James Bond film.


Somewhere in Ohio, a young girl flips through a copy of Starlog Magazine at a second-hand store.

She reads the words but everything is wrong.

There are names she doesn’t recognize and some she does. Only out of place.

The girl shrugs. Must be a joke.

She moves to the next box. Toys.

She picks up a Han Solo doll.

The girl scoffs as she tosses it back into the box.

“Doesn’t look anything like Christopher Walken,” she mutters.


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